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Waste Incinerator Chambers

A chamber of post combustion of gases

* A burner of combustion of gases,

* A device of injection of air allowing a total re-combustion of gases,

* A device of air inlet of cooling of waste gases,

* A sheath of evacuation of the gases burnt.

* Carcass in strong sheet steel with support of connection.

* Composition of the refractory;

Refractory concrete :

Thickness : ≥150 mm

Nature: 65% of Al203

Insulate in fibrous panel :

Thickness: ≥85 mm

 Nature: Calcium

* Burner with fuel, mono-bloc casting guiding type with horizontal flame, lighting and safety of     electronic ignition, permanent ventilation, electromagnetic sluice gate of regulation and isolating valve.

* A secondary injection of air to ensure perfect oxygen content.

A control box ensuring the complete cycle of combustion.



* Electro-ventilator distributing the secondary air, the regulation of the air flow being carried out by valves and following the control of the automatic cycle.

Controls and regulations:

Control box watertight to dust, including:


* A switch circuit breaker for each engine (ventilators and burners).

* A timer with adjustable temporization for the regulation of each burner.

* A regulator with digital watching for the temperature of combustion.

* A regulator with digital watching for the temperature of post combustion.

* Electric box.


21. The de- ashing must be done in the bottom of the combustion chamber or the deashing should be Automatic or manual batch de ashing.

22. Process Filtering system: Scrubber to be mentioned as optional 

23. Emission Standards Compliance: BS 3316 or equivalent standard

23. Capacity to treat Plastic: Not less than 40% by weight

24. CE Manufacturing Compliance: BS EN 746-2-1997

The supplier must give batches of spare parts of first urgency and consumable of the incinerator.

The installed incinerator must bear a one year guarantee.

The supplier shall perform an onsite installation of the incinerator.

The technical training of operators will have to be provided and given by a technician    

from the factory; it will consist of curative and preventive maintenance, and the use of machine, etc



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